As we look at the fruits of the spirit today, patience is one that continually comes up in confessions to God for me. I am a planner by nature; I like to know what’s ahead, and once I know what’s ahead, I like to make steps to make sure everything goes smoothly. God has a different idea then me sometimes, which is to my benefit, and yours.

In Proverbs 19:11, it is written, “A man’s wisdom gives him patience.”

How do we gain this wisdom? We gain it from keeping our focus on Him, and spending time with Him. If our focus is on Him, then we won’t feel stressed when things aren’t happening by a certain time. We will trust, and rest in His sovereignty and power. (This is definitely easier said than done!). We have to call on the Holy Spirit often times to help us with this fruit, and many of the others. He will give us the strength we need to have the patience needed whatever the situation.

Today, my challenge for you is three things:

Confess: Confess to the Lord where you struggle to be patient either with him, or with a certain situation, and confess where maybe you aren’t keeping your focus on Him.

Repent: Pray through some ways you can be more patient today. Maybe it’s giving patience to a certain co-worker or family member who is wearing you thin. Perhaps, it’s letting go of the deadlines in your head for certain things to happen on a project or with your significant other.

Praise: Praise the One who gives unlimited love and patience, despite our many attempts to try and do things in our own strength.

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