Being A Servant

Recently, I did a study on James. He was a brother to Jesus, and probably the oldest one. He was one of the few that Jesus appeared to after his resurrection, and James became a key leader in the early church. You could say God had big plans for him, and used him for His glory. The Book of James discusses many areas, but the big overarching theme is “Faith that works”.

The book of James opens like this, “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ…”. James identifies himself not as a family member, not as one of the disciples, not as a key leader in the early church, but a servant.

A “servant” is defined as someone who willingly serves his master. This can be out of obedience, or pure devotion. The fact that James saw himself, first and foremost, as a servant tells us a lot about his character, and his goals in his life. He could be prideful, since he may have had the most time to be around Jesus growing up, or he could be aggressive, using his title as brother to push the early church to do what he thought was best.

Instead he defines himself as a servant…

Today, I would encourage you to think of a couple questions:

  • How am I willingly choosing to be a servant?
  • What’s my motive for serving?
  • How do I want to be a servant?
  • How does God call us to be servants?

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