Today we focus on kindness, which most people would agree should be a fruit of the spirit. When I ask people which spirit they are struggling with, I don’t often hear kindness. Google defines kindness as, “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate”.

However, as I look at the definition, I’m grieved at my sin. My lack of desire to be friendly towards my neighbors when they wave hello. My hesitation to give and sacrifice something I want to be generous, especially when it comes to my time. I’m not as kind as I thought!

Thank goodness for the Holy Spirit, who is part of us, and give us the ability to rely on Him for this fruit. Christ was kind. Think of how many times the disciples were like “let’s get a break”, and one more person comes along wanting healing. Jesus must have been exhausted! However, instead of being rude, and waving them off, He opened His arms, and brought healing.

Today, I would encourage you to pray for God to show you where you need to be kind. Ask Him to give you ways to do that. If you don’t see any areas, praise God for how He is working through you today.

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