Today, we continue in James, and see how he encourages these scattered believers to not give up. He tells them to persevere. What does that mean? In my Type A brain, it means to keep going. To duck your head, grit your teeth, and just put every effort you can in order to get to the goal and finish the drill. However, more times than not, that’s exactly what I don’t need to do.

Perseverance takes maturity and completeness. It means we won’t be lacking. James writes in 1:4 ” Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”. I think what James means in verse 4 is that it’s not just that we won’t have the desire for stuff, but our perspective changes. We become more content because Jesus is enough.

Today, I would encourage you to pray through a couple things:

  • Where do you need Jesus to be more than enough?
  • Why do you think you aren’t allowing Jesus to be enough?
  • Confess to Him where you might be trying to fill yourself of anything but Him.

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