God is Alpha and Omega

Recently, my lead pastor was talking about faith, and he mentioned how we are all gamblers, whether we acknowledge it or not. We gamble based on what we believe. If we believe in God, then we are trusting in Him for everything. If we don’t, we believe often in ourselves, or our own will power.

Revelation 22:13 says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” God tells us this in the last book of the Bible. I think He does this to remind us of our need to trust in Him completely, and to encourage us in that. He wants to remind us one last time in His Word that we can trust Him utterly and completely. He will not leave us; he will not forsake us. He is our beginning and end as well.

If we truly believe in this verse, that what God says is true, we can worship Him fully, and should not be worried or stressed. I often find myself worried or stressed, and when I get to the root of it, it’s because I’ve forgotten momentarily that God is the beginning and the end. He started this world, and He will stay with us until our salvation is complete at the end, where Jesus returns. We have no need to worry or stress – easier said then done right?

Today, I would encourage you to:

  1. Praise God that He is the Alpha and Omega. Tell Him what that means to you.
  2. Ask God to show you where you might not be believing the truth that He is Alpha and Omega, where you might be questioning His control over all. Confess and ask forgiveness in that.
  3. Pray for His peace and truth to indwell you today.

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