Thankful for Family

It’s that day! The day we either dread or are excited about…Thanksgiving Day. Growing up it was the day where we would have special meals all day, and where Christmas cookies could be made and eaten. We would watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on TV, and yell for my mom to come running when the Rockettes appeared (her favorite part), and then cheer for Santa arriving. It’s a day full of family fun as my mother in law would say.

For some, family fun is exciting. For others, it’s stressful. There’s a lot of family drama, and it’s just not pleasant dealing with them. Either way, God has placed you in this particular family for a particular reason (which we may not be aware of).

Today, I would encourage you to do a couple things

  • Spend some time telling God what you are thankful for: your salvation, your friends, all that He’s blessed you with.
  • Spend some time praying for your family. This might mean praying that you won’t lose it with them, or it might be praising Him for them and what they mean to you.
  • If you get the opportunity, tell them just how thankful you are for them.

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