God’s Wrath

How often do you stop and think about God’s wrath? If I’m honest, I don’t do it very often. I don’t like to think of that side of God unless I feel like there’s some sort of major injustice, and I pray for God’s wrath to come down and right the situation.

How would you feel if you were called to remind everyone of God’s wrath? Poor Zephaniah was one of those prophets that God called to be “that person” in his community. However, if you read what was going on turning his time (which may be in some ways similar to ours right now!), it was pretty bad, and the vast majority of people were turning to idols.

Zephaniah reminds them what the Lord thinks of their sin, “I will sweep away everything from the face of the earth,”
declares the Lord.
 “I will sweep away both man and beast;
    I will sweep away the birds in the sky
    and the fish in the sea—
    and the idols that cause the wicked to stumble.” (Zeph. 1:2-3a)

It sounds pretty harsh right? However, these people literally had idols in their yards. They were pretty blatant about their sin. I read this verse recently, and at first, caught myself thinking, “how horrible were these people!?”. I immediately started judging them.

…Then, God reminded me how similar I am to these people. If we are honest, we struggle with idols, but are we aware of what those specific idols are, so that we can confess and literally turn away from them?

Today, I would encourage you to ask God to be present, and share with you where some of these idols are. Keep in mind they may be less obvious than they seem. It could be something as simple as money, work, appearances, or it could be something like keeping a clean house, getting your to-do list done, or food. Remember in and of themselves, these things may not be bad; however, when they take priority over our Lord, they become idols. What idols do you have? Where do you need to confess and repent?

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