Taking Time To Cuddle

Today is cleaning day. Phoebe doesn’t like cleaning day. It involves the vacuum, lots of going back and forth from the laundry room, and shorter walks.

Typically, Phoebe “helps” me on cleaning days. She walks back and forth with me from the bedroom to the laundry room bringing clothes, and she makes sure the vacuum doesn’t attack me in each room.

Tonight, after all the cleaning was done, she continued to follow me, and give me the sad puppy face. You know, the one where she says, “Umm, excuse me. I need some attention.”

I sat down, and she immediately climbed in my lap, and curled up. It was cuddle time. Brendan started doing this with her almost every night in the past year. Now, she insists on cuddle time. She wants to be held like a baby. She wants to be as close to you as she possibly can. And, she wants to get in a lick or two in.

In the midst of everything tonight, I hadn’t planned on cuddle time. I was in the middle of getting ready for bed. However, I’m glad I took the moment to cuddle and just rest in the moment.


I think God tells us it’s cuddle time every once and a while. He tells us to rest in Him. Don’t worry about the to do lists. Don’t stress about the burdens of the day. Just rest in Him, and not think.

“Be still and know I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

Today, I would encourage you to close your eyes, and imagine that you are on a couch next to Jesus. Cuddle up with Him. Tell Him what your struggles are today, and listen to what He might have to say. It may seem awkward at first, but if you listen well, you might hear Him respond.

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