Spring Retreating with Jesus

Stop, Close Your Eyes, Ask God to be present with you this morning.


Read Psalm 103.

Take note of any of the verses that stick out to you, and write them down.


Why do you think God may have pointed these out to you?


Are there any areas (walk with God, marriage/relationship with significant other, family, friendships, etc) that I need to repent of for healing or reconciliation? If so, what might be the root sin (unbelief, pride, selfishness, self-righteousness, etc)?


If you feel lead, pray and confess now.

Read Luke 19:10.

How has Christ forgiven me? How can I rest in Christ’s righteousness and finished work?

How am I called to obey in this situation? How is the Holy Spirit prodding me on toward love and good deeds?


Read 2 John 1:6. Praise God for His love and grace for you.


Ask God to quiet your thoughts, and help you to focus on what He might have to say. This is where you are going to listen to Him. As you read through these questions, write down any thoughts that come to mind.


What are some dreams that you have that you hope God would either do in you or through you? Keep in mind these could be related to your word for the year.


What do I long for God to do in me to strengthen or deepen my marriage?

Where do I long to see God grow me in my relationship with the Lord?

What might He be whispering to me about where He wants me to take a step of faith soon?

How might God use me in the lives of those who do not know Him as Lord and Savior?

Take some time to pray for those people who come to mind right now.

Read Jude 24-25, and close in prayer praising God for whatever comes to mind.

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