Praying for the Needs of Others

There are a lot of people in our communities that don't know Jesus. A lot of the time, I'm completely unaware of the needs of those around me. I go about my day, and just assume everyone around me is good unless they tell me otherwise. In the early church, the founders made sure new … Continue reading Praying for the Needs of Others

Being Content

Have you ever noticed contentment creeping out of your spirit, and discontentment working its way in? Recently, I have had the opportunity to do a lot of resting, not by choice, but rather on doctor's orders. I don't like to rest (another topic for another devo another time...), but I've been obedient. Instead of binging … Continue reading Being Content


Evangelism has almost become a negative word in the Christian culture today. People are so offended by "evangelists", that they often associate evangelism with meaning that you are forcing your religion on someone else whether they want it or not. We've all been at that big public event, and cringed when we see the evangelist … Continue reading Boldness